TwitterNote: Edusim gets another convert !

3D Set To Upgrade Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources Although a huge number of schools installed interactive whiteboards as the focal teaching resource in the classroom, many are used as a conventional white version of the blackboard with all the electronics turned off. But 3D is about to upgrade the potential.

Say hello to the latest Edusim convet ! #smartboard

My LONG held belief has been, and is even more so today, that aubiquitous 3D learning environment (such as Edusim) will emerge as a fundamental component ofthe classroom interactive whiteboard over the next 3-5 years (as faras the user interface goes Edusim is so so so close !).

These interactive whiteboards certainly are not goingaway any time soon … they are basically the “”IPod Touch” of theclassroom now days – and with 3D projectors and multi-walled unitssure to come … the interactive whiteboard party is just gettingstarted!


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