Mobile Immersive Applications Finally Wont make you Cross Eyed

Been following this one for about a year now (Notes about the IPod Touch (prposed new size) & Unity) and today Techcrunch is reporting:

So what other details are there? Well, the device will apparently have a 10-inch screen (slightly bigger than the 7 to 9 inch screen prototypes our sources had seen). It will also have built-in 3G wireless access. This is where things start to get really interesting, because there have long been rumors of Apple talking with Verizon about a device that was not the iPhone. Apple, of course, has an exclusive deal in the U.S. with AT&T for the iPhone through next year, but there have been no shortage of whispers in recent weeks that it’s not just us that is displeased with AT&T, but that Apple is as well. And Yesterday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made a comment indicating that the iPhone would not be AT&T exclusive forever, perhaps indicating that the end is near for the exclusivity of the partnership.

Another interesting partnership element is behind what will power this new device. It had long been assumed that Intel’s Atom chips would be used in such a device, but more recent reports have indicated that Apple has instead used its acquisition of chip-maker PA Semi last year to produce its own, custom-tailored chips. AppleInsider is indicating the same thing. These chips would supposedly handle the device’s power consumption better than the Atoms would.

But will it have a camera? .. stay tuned

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