Rich’s Blog: Why Should We Learn By Doing? – Schools competing for students imaginations


My Observations:

The Kids got a Wii this Christmas – so we un-boxed and set it up. The graphics are not what PS3 and XBox has to offer – but the interface is amazingly intuitive.

The kinetic/movement method to complete game tasks is amazingly powerful I have observed – Watching kids learn is an amazing experience … and devices like this have this sort of kinetic value that is hard to explain. The Natural input to explore and modify virtual objects seems so powerful as I watch the kids move in natural ways to accomplish virtual tasks. It seems Obvious physically touching the surface to move & interact with he objects are the next evolutionary steps – and perhaps a glove type of device to provide texture to those touched objects.

As I watch it occurs to me that schools are in the business of competing for kids imaginations – and with devices like these game consoles in the home, that will be hard. If the prevailing view of education is the lighting of a fire and not the filling of a bucket there needs to be engaging methods used to capture the students imagination.

Many schools have engaging interactive surfaces to capture students imaginations with – however it will require an understanding of todays student to use these surfaces correctly. And today, in a flattening world – the classroom surface does not have to be flat – it can be dimensional and engaging – and interactive.

Your thoughts and observations? Please share them here !


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