Immersive Education & The Greenbush Middleschool Leadership Students

For those with specific inquires to exactly what I do with students & immersive education, here is a bit of an overview.

STUDENTS: Middle School Students from area schools ranging from 6th – 8th grade (50-80 students 8 hours each month for 6-7 months)
SUBJECTS: Any, but technology use in particular – per the ISTE “Digital Age Learning” standards –

SUGGESTIONS: My primary focus is in getting the students to think about technology as a tool that they can “create, explore, & solve problems ” with, not just using static flat digital content, but highly visual & 3D interactive content as well.  My primary view of 3D virtual environments is seeing them as “meta-media” containers that allow for the largest array of possible student work ranging from static images on flat billboards (to tell a story) up to 3D objects that have been “scripted” to “do something” (to show an invention).  So in the context of the ISTE standards I focus specifically on their ability to: * Demonstrate creativity and innovation with digital content, * Communicate and collaborate with digital content, *Conduct research and leverage information using digital content, *Use technology effectively and productively to solve problems

IMMERSIVE ED USE CASE: Students create their project with a particular focus (in a project based learning context) that demonstrates their fluency in meta-media concepts to: * demonstrate their creativity & innovation, * communicate & collaborate, * conduct research, explore, discover, and solve problems.  The project focus has ranged from building a colony on Mars to create an environmentally friendly city!

Scratch4Opensim (Scratch3D) – Built on Flash

Scratch4Opensim (Scratch3D)
We were at MIT last week and met for several hours regarding the Scratch4Opensim project.  We will start working on the new Scratch4Opensim (Scratch3D) this summer (thanks to Eric and the LLK group).  Eric Rosenbaum & the MIT LLK group has roughly 60% of the code complete for the new version and we will be assisting with the remainder of that code & then hosting.

A few details of interest:

* The new version is based on Flash

* Will include a few more block options then the previous version

* “May” provide Javascript as well as Linden Script code for your objects

…. Ill keep the list updated on the developments … if you are not familiar with Scratch visit… I am also experimenting with the new Scratch Flash based viewers for use on Android phones & tablets – to view the Scratch Flash based viewers check out the GreenbushLabs  “ScratchTastic” samples here as well –

Immersive Education Kansas Conference – July 29th & 30th – JCCC

Immersive Education Kansas Conference July 29th & 30th – Please remember to fill out this form with your presentation details – and circulate to anyone you think might be interested in presenting at the event.  Ill have a preliminary itinerary by the end of this week ! :)


Also feel free to let anyone else know that might be interested in the event !

(Event announcement below)

The Kansas Immersive Education Group will be hosting our third annual Immersive Education Conference on July 29th & 30th at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park Kansas.  To learn more about how you can leverage games, and 3D interactive content in the classroom please visit and plan to attend the Immersive Education Conference on July 29th and 30th. The event is free for all K-12 educators, prospective teachers, and students.  We hope to see you there !

Opensim, The Immersive Education K-12 Users Group & iED:K12 Use Cases for ISTE 2011

The core iED:K12 group is busy once again this summer with various projects, conferences, and collaborations. Its looking like our ability of  taking the iED use cases to show/demo at ISTE 2011 is unlikely.  That being said  the iED:K12 group is already planning the Immersive Education Summit for Denver in the summer of 2012 ! …. So stay tuned for those updates, and fear not,  I have it on good authority there will be several there at ISTE this year to pick up the torch and show some iED:K12 use cases for Opensim in Philly this year 😉 … SO if your at ISTE this year and see the Opensim work, remember your #Opensim twitter tag :)