The New iED K12.TWG – Group Charter, & Meeting Times

As co-chair of the national iED K12 Technology Work Group I would like to invite all K12 educators interested in 3D virtual worlds, augmented reality, 3D simulations, and 3D games in the K-12 classroom to join us every Thursday at 5:00 central time on our Immersive Education audio whiteboard  located HERE

The groups primary focus as a technology work group is to:

  • Develop a repository of open source virtual world resources (Opensim OAR’s & Edusim/OpenCobalt c3D’s to start)
  • Align curriculum to those generic learning world resources (From the creative commons Curriki resources)
  • Develop professional development resource repository for teacher and educator training


Come Join us Thursday ! !

Open Source Virtual World Evolutions

Having been involved with open source 3D virtual world technology for nearly 5 years now Ive been fortunate to see many evolutions. One such interesting evolution is Kitely and its plans to provide API methods for easily launching 3D virtual world events (currently using facebook connect). Kitely is certainly a positive development for a more main stream adoption of this type of technology, Ive been in touch with IIan a bit regarding features (You also can provide feedback and ask questions of them here: Obviously the open source nature of their business plan is very attractive & they seem poised to leverage other evolutions as they occur.

More about the coming evolutions:
A major evolution will be the plugin-less advantages of HTML5 Canvas as the client “window to the world”. That combined with open source Opensim server technology, the growing catalog of Opensim OAR’s & IAR’s, Kitley API’s and ability to seam them into Facebook (and others) could mean a very interesting future indeed for this technology !

Ipad & Augmented Reality …. Again

Been tracking the augmented reality trend for education for some years now …. yet another compelling article from Fast Company here

Augmented Reality apps have slowly proliferated on smartphones, bringing a novelty and genuine usefulness to some data streams that are overlaid on reality through the device’s rear cameras, but now there are tablet computers with rear cameras, too. Freshest, and perhaps most potent, among the list of tablets is the iPad 2, and already some AR apps have surfaced for it.