Twitter Notes to and from ISTE10

Twitter Notes from/for ISTE2010

… Cobalt Edusim is a multi-user 3D virtual environment – but server-less … it is based on Peer2Peer architecture… Cobalt Edusim 3D is ideal for running behind the firewall on your school LAN .. think virtual legos/playdough w/Sketchup support

Were Listed Under the Top 100 blogs for Educators

Greenbush labs is listed under the “Top 100 blogs for Educators” Here … Thanks Alexis

59. Greenbush Labs Blog –  “The Greenbush Labs blog covers topics ranging from how web 2.0 tools can be leveraged in the educational process to how 3D virtual worlds can be integrated into the K-12 classroom,” explained White. His articles cover 3D virtual worlds, interactive whiteboards, and “how they can be merged and leveraged with K-12 students.” Recommended: “Lego Wedo and Scratch: Part 2 getting scratch & enabling the Wedo Block,” and “Learning with Augmented Reality.”

Augmented Reality