Touch Computing Hits is Stride (Business Week)

A compelling piece from Business week today regarding touch computing.  After presenting touch computing based solutions (with 3D) over the past 3, going on 4 years … it seems the inevitable is very near … everything as an interactive touch device … and 3D immersive touch will be ubiquitous

 Research into tactile, or tangible, computing is one of the most fertile areas of electronic-product design. The systems incorporate familiar objects such as toys, game tokens, cell phones, or wine glasses—and even substances like sand and clay—into the computing experience. By taking advantage of people’s natural sense of touch and spatial orientation, the systems can offer more precise control over what’s happening on the screen than pointing and clicking with a mouse.

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“Immersive Touch” 3D Natural User Interface

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Immersive Touch

Immersive Touch 3D natural user interface is defined as the direct manipulation of 3D virtual environment objects using single or multi-touch surface hardware in multi-user 3D virtual environments. Coined first to describe and define the natural user interface learning principles associated with Edusim. Immersive Touch natural user interface now appears to be taking on a broader focus and meaning with the broader adaption of surface and touch driven hardware such as the IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad, and a growing list of other hardware. Apple also seems to be taking a keen interest in “Immersive Touch” 3D natural user interfaces over the past few years.Drew and Edusim

3D Virtual Environments & The Natural User Interface of Immersive Touch

There will be some 3D natural user interface and “Immersive Touch” UI news emerge over the next 12 months – than a minute ago via TweetDeck

The 3D Metaphor for your Desktop

Drew and Edusim

I have been a Bumptop user for awhile now & was intrigued to get a memo from them last week stating that they would be discontinuing support for their product (Oh No !) … this was just too cool to shutter ! So I was pleasantly surprised to learn yesterday their 3D Metaphor for the Desktop will live on … Thanks to Google, who purchased Bumptop and finalized the process just last week.

The possibility  that the 3D metaphor is heading to a Google tablet … and bring 3D and Touch that one step closer to the “Immersive Touch” natural user interface get me very excited !