The Convergence of Open Source Virtual Worlds – Opensim & Cobalt

It is my hope to see a convergence/collaboration between the Cobalt and Opensim projects.  The ability for both to leverage XMPP & Jabber  is a great start.  But in the end being able to share spaces as well.  I have submitted a request for feedback to the Cobalt developers to start the discussion regarding the ability for Cobalt to load Opensim OAR archives – much like Cobalt loads C3D templates. I will keep the group posted on discussions!cobalt_256.jpgopensim.pngBeing able to load Opensim OAR archives much like Cobalt parses & loads C3D files is the short term goal:

The Googlephone: Google gears up

Three things I have been pretty consistent with here on this blog over the past 5 years: * Social Media * Mobile Media & 3D virtual Environments.Via the Times Online: The Googlephone: Google gears up for attack on mobile-phone market

The Googlephone promises to be one of the most advanced smartphones, with a large touchscreen display and a processor almost twice as fast as the one powering Apple’s iPhone 3GS. It will probably be the first phone to run a new version of Google’s Android software, codenamed Flan, offering high-speed 3-D gaming said to be as good as that of many handheld consoles.

Edusim covered by RezEd

I discussed Edusim and immersive education with the Rez Ed folks – along with Linden Labs and Rezzable

9:14 – 10:14 In Dialogue discussing Second Life, Heritage Key and Edusim

10:15 – 13:27 Terrence Cummings, of Linden Lab, discusses Second Life enterprise and its’ role within education

13:28 – 16:21 Jon Himoff, CEO of Rezzable, speaks about Heritage Key as an educational tool

16:22 – 22:14 Rich White, of the Greenbush Educational Center in SE Kansas, talks about Edusim

Drew and Edusim

Got my “Gphone” – Droid

After years of tweeting, blog posting, and pontificating about the “someday GPhone” (GPhone Posts  Android Posts)  … I finally broke down and traded in the Blackberry for the new Droid.  Results are so far very impressive – and 3G is amazing.Considering I still remember what the web was like with a 14 K modem and no GUI (Mosaic not to mention Netscape) back in 1993-94 you can imagine how amazed I was to watch Star Trek on the new Droid over the Verison 3G network … The Mobile and Immersive webs continue to amaze me (High order bits – July 2007)motoroladroid.jpg