The Edusim Advisory Group Announcement

We are currently in the process of putting together an Edusim advisory group who will direct content development and design decision as we prepare to release the Edusim Beta 01 distribution of Cobalt mid 2010.

This group will meet twice a month virtually – initially via Adobe Connect, then as the Cobalt environment matures within a Cobalt environment.

The groups goals will be to:

(1) Establish 10 “pilot” lessons for Edusim and the classroom interactive whiteboard that address specific K-12 math, science, language arts, or social studies standards

(2) Establish a framework for a web based shared repository of user generated lessons.

(3) Identify key functions and features that will make Edusim – Cobalt more capable for the K-12 classroom teacher.

If you are interested in participating in this advisory group please email Rich White at with your intent and I will forward you meeting times and dates.

Best Regards !



THE REAL IMPACT OF THE IPHONE – ANDROID (repost from 11-13-2007)

THE REAL IMPACT OF THE IPHONE – ANDROID (repost from 11-13-2007)The Iphone and the Google android interface are leading the charge for the direct manipulation interface ….. This will be huge in the fact that it is just the start of the direct manipulation movement (I think) on a grand scale … changing the way people interact with their technology (directly from the screen – its not a new technology but seem to be approaching the tipping point quick !)…. namely by using natural input and direct manipulation (their fingers to do natural thing on the screen) which we show with Edusim. Having these huge companies pushing the direct manipulation movement will undoubtedly work its way into almost everything in time …. and in time making things like our Edusim with direct manipulation and natural input our a virtual environment in the classroom very compelling… None the less many things are merging together to form almost a perfect storm in the coming years for the direct manipulation and natural input movement… It should be exciting to watch ! :)Drew and Edusim

Virtual Worlds, Touch, & Ultra Mobiles

(This post was first published on Dec. 10th 2007 and is re-published today)
As the stars start to align on the “ultra mobile internet revolution” a few things to monitor

(1) 700 mhz auction – providers opening up their networks (past labs posts – [])

(2) “gPhone” Android runs the new phone (Linux on the low end)

(3) “Touch & multi-touch” starts in the phone – ends up everywhere – tables spawn a new life !

(4) Small powerful cheap “mini-laptops” – roll over, start to crawl []

(5) If its not mobile – its immersive (or its convenient)

Virtual Worlds in College Growing


Colleges around the country are turning generic computer science and programming courses into studies in applied science. Instead of learning how to script or design from a textbook, professors are taking their students in-world across a variety of virtual worlds to practice their skills on real objects.

These courses aren’t just for kicks – as the article notes the skills required of successful designers and content/world creators have applications outside mere play. From educational simulations to military war games, video-game design is booming while other sectors of the economy continue to contract.