The Hybrid Classroom: Online Meets Real World

US Department of Education funded study finds:

“On average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction,”


Teachers will certainly need to adapt in order to use new tools and methods, but that’s nothing new. Online education may never completely replace face-to-face learning, though as the Department of Education study shows, with enough time and under the guidance of a good teacher, online learning environments can produce results that are just as good or better than classroom learning. Online learning is likely to be used more often to enhance face-to-face learning in the future, however, and in communities where classroom learning is infeasible due to lack of funds, online learning is an adequate stand-in.


Virtual 3-D lab aims to stimulate learning (Via EWeek)

This may look very familiar to those that follow the “Mobile Immersive Learning Lab” and ““Quick CAVE” work here.

Via eWeek

Students at a Baltimore County high school this fall will explore the area surrounding Mount St. Helens in a vehicle that can morph from an aircraft to a car to a boat to learn about how the environment has changed since the volcano’s 1980 eruption. But they’ll do it all without ever leaving their Chesapeake High School classroom–they will be using a three-dimensional Virtual Learning Environment developed by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) with the university’s Center for Technology Education. Key words: Baltimore County Public Schools, virtual learning environment, Mount St. Helens, applied physics laboratory


Merging and Evolving – Interactive Surfaces and 3D Virtual Environments

When the Edusim project was first started 2 years ago it was hard to imagine how far both 3D & interactive surface technologies would have come just 2 years later.  Both technologies are evolving at break neck speed (ala exponentially evolving technology trends) and looking to converge in “interesting ways” (as Kurzweil might say) …. Well before the IPhone or any main stream interactive surface device,  with Edusim we realized the importance of directly manipulating 3D educational content in more natural ways for learning (enter the interactive whiteboard – exit the mouse and keyboard).  We shall see where these trends lead, and if in fact Edusim was just the beginning of the facnating convergence of interactive surfaces and 3D virtual environments for learning and education.  We will also test how long our memories tend to be 😉

Drew and Edusim

“Immersive Touch”, Edusim, and the Rumored Apple Tablet

Will 3D virtual environments & worlds on the interactive surface (Immersive Touch) finally make it beyond Edusim with the rumored Apple Tablet?

Analyst claims first hand knowledge of Apple gaming, home media center tablet


 It could be a home media center, somewhat like the current Apple TV, and it could be a gaming machine, opines Jon Peddie, head of Jon Peddie Research in Tiburon, Calif. “Gaming will be a big part of what this is about,” he adds.

The machine impresses with its display of hi-def video content, says the veteran analyst, who asked not to be identified. “It’s better than the average movie experience, when you hold this thing in your hands.”

Drew and Edusim