Greenbush & 3D virtual environments: Visualization Platforms, 3D Virtual Environment Platforms, and Implementations

Visualization platforms, 3D Virtual Environment Platforms, and Uses/Implementations

Visualization Platforms

  • Media Globe
  • Immersive Multi-touch Wall
  • High Def. CAVE
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Mini/Quick CAVE
  • Computer
  • Handhelps
  • Virtual Environment Platforms (with open file formats)

  • Edusim/Cobalt
  • Opensim
  • Wonderland (and flash based 2.5D ?)
  • Uses & Implementations !

  • 3D advanced visual lab
  • Hands on construction & manipulating of 3D virtual objects
  • Immersive Stories
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Immersive Virtual Lessons (step by step to show a process)
  • Others !
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    Edusim and Polyvision

    Drew and EdusimTalked to the Polyvision Interactive Whiteboard folkes today in Kansas City.  We are collaborating on a project that will place a Polyvision board at Greenbush & explore how we may integrate the Edusim application into their toolbar.  Ill keep you posted !

    Objective – Build an Anatomy Museum in 30 Minutes Using only Cobalt and the Google 3D Warehouse

    I came in right under 30 minutes:

    (1) Picked the buildings I wanted & Downloaded
    (2) Picked the models I wanted
    (3) loaded up Cobalt
    (4) Placed my building (this took a few trys – building I really wanted would not load)
    (5) Started placing the models … had a few restarts due to models “blowing up” the session half loaded only a few looked like I wanted them to … filled in with a few .ase files
    (6) All in all the imported worked great ! – not in the TMesh container still but that is manageable – half of the attempted KMZ models loaded (the others blew up the scene of gave error message.)

    Here is the result