Sony granted patent for touchscreen and ‘tactile pixels’

[Via]I find this particularly interesting in that obviously it would involve direct manipulation in 3D virtual spaces (more than likely – though in a game based environment) and be the first big company to recognize direct manipulation of the surface where 3D environments are concerned.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) was granted a patent on Fridayfor a “hand-held [sic] device with touchscreen and digital tactile pixels.” It’d be a stretch to say any of this is explicitly indicative of a PSP 2.0 or PSP phone, but it is interesting to note that “game device” is listed as one of the potential applications, alongside a plethora of other sony handhelds: phone, portable media player, email device, web browser device or navigation device. 

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A National “Innovation” Plan – a word from Obama

Obama announced a national innovation plan last year at Google
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Here are the outlines of an Obama National Innovation Policy:
1- Network neutrality. Keep the internet open.
2- Broadband access. Connect everyone to very fast broadband.
3- Use technology to open democracy. Put government data online in accessible formats. Allow people to track earmarks, regulation and other lobbying efforts. Have citizens participate in forums on pending legislation and regulation.
4- Appoint a national Chief Technology Officer.
5- Make technology literacy a fundamental part of education. Give children the skills to compete globally.
6- Create electronic medical records that are safe.
7- End additional to oil with clean and renewable energy.
8- Double federal funding of basic research.
9- Make the federal R&D tax credit permanent.
10- Do comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens the HIb program.