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Defining Rich-Immersive Learning Environments & Immersive Education

The Rich-Immersive Learning Environment and Immersive Education

* 3D virtual learning objects
* Kinetic and direct manipulation
* Haptic feedback from hardware
* Whiteboards, Wii as pre-cursor hardware used to interact with the 3D virtual object (software)
* Edusim as a Rich-Immersive Learning Environment (RILE)

Microsoft moving towards opensource? – Yes

As I first blogged back in August – Microsoft moving towards opensource? Now we know .. and the answer is yes.. at least a bit anyway!

In a press conference this morning, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced a new initiative designed to open up its products and foster better interoperability with competing products and technologies. “These steps are designed to further increase the openness of our products and to drive great interoperability and choice for our partners and our competitors,” Ballmer said during the call.



Will natural input go mainstream with Windows 7 is reporting on Windows 7 “Keyboard & Mouse getting company”

“The likelihood is that touch will become mainstream on certain form factors very quickly because we are working hand-in-hand with the hardware companies,” Gates told CNET “Speech and ink it’s a little harder to say.”

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