Rich’s Blog: A few of my all time favorite 3D environments/Croquet blogs

As you know locating blogs relevant to you can be tough at times, so I wanted to share a few links of my favorite locations for staying up to date with the 3D virtual environments & Croquet developments.

[] – People, Places, Things and Events Converging Electronically

[] – A fantastic "All things Croquet" blog

[] – Inventing the future – a must have for your RSS reader for literally ANYONE!

And thanks for helping us spread the word about the Edusim prototype !


Rich’s Blog: The Greenbush Technology Conference

We have started the early phase planning for the Greenbush Technology mini-conference.

Brad, Matt, and Myself discussed the two track system (entry level – advances) as well as the possible topics for the breakout sessions (Blogs, Video Podcast, Smartboard Previews, 3D virtual Environments, Edusim on the Smartboard).

We are looking to have it in the March-April time frame

Stay tuned for more info.


Rich’s Blog: 24% of School Aged Kids Use Virtual Environments on a Monthly Basis

(as reported by

ccording to a new report by market researchers eMarketer, 24 percent of the 34.3 million US child and teen Internet users will visit virtual worlds once a month in 2007 — and the rate is rising. Based on its research, eMarketer expects to see the number of young online world users rise to 34 percent in 2008, and 53 percent by 2011

"Kids and Teens Online: Virtual Worlds Open New Universe."

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Worlds In Motion Story story

Rich’s Blog: Qwaq Forums – Enterprise Level Croquet Virtual Environment


“Virtual workspaces have already proven their value for enterprise collaboration,” said Greg Nuyens, Qwaq chief executive officer. “The desktop visualization edition of Qwaq Forums provides distributed enterprises with a powerful new way to visualize and share information globally. Intel’s selection of Qwaq Forums to be the delivery platform for its Miramar technology is further recognition of the strength of our architecture and our approach to enterprise collaboration.”

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