Rich’s Blog: Google plans for the 700MHz wireless spectrum

Obviously I feel a huge wireless broadband Internet enable network would be a GREAT thing for education and content providers in general… but what would the initial Google enable wireless communication device look like and cost?

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Rumor: Google Phone Will Be Linux-Powered, GPS-Loaded and Cheap



If done right, the Gphone and not the iPhone will be the one to change the face of the wireless industry.

Rich’s Blog: Your PSP could get a whole lot more interesting – Google ready to invade telco turf, bid on 700MHz spectrum in 2009

Google ready to invade telco turf, bid on 700MHz spectrum.


Because the 700MHz has such desirable spectrum propagation characteristics, it's also much cheaper and easier to roll out a network with excellent coverage than it is to do so with higher-frequency technology. Making broadband access cheap and affordable means more people come online, and more people are able to make use of Internet services-exactly the sort of thing Google offers.

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Rich’s Blog: Technology’s quickly changing the work & learning space using telepresence and virtual environments !


Dawson and I were talking about just these types of virtual meeting/work/collaborative spaces the other day.

Margaret Hooshmand worked as an executive assistant at a Cisco Systems (CSCO ) office in Silicon Valley until she decided to move to Texas. But her boss, Senior Vice-President Marthin De Beer, really wanted her to continue working for him. As it happened, Cisco also wanted to test its so-called telepresence systems, which feature life-size, is-it-real-or-is-it-Memorex (IMN ) videoconferencing. So today, Hooshmand sits in a Cisco office in Richardson, Tex., but also appears on a 65-inch high-definition plasma screen with full stereo sound that sits precisely where she did in her old office, facing De Beer’s. She fields his calls, rerouted via Cisco’s phone system; arranges meetings; and even can overhear his phone conversations to anticipate his needs. “Marthin and I haven’t missed a beat,” says Hooshmand, who can see into De Beer’s office through her own screen in Texas…..

Technology is rapidly changing the work space …. and slowly erasing the barriers distance once caused.

Another excerpt concerning Secondlife from the Business Week piece

The online virtual world Second Life, where people play using avatars (graphic representations of themselves), is starting to become a real workplace, at least for a few telesales agents at Inc. (FLWS ) The online flower vendor is experimenting with a “virtual greenhouse” in Second Life, where a dozen or so workers log in and interact with Second Life residents. 1-800-Flowers Chief Executive Jim McCann plans to use it to get customers to suggest new products—far more direct feedback than focus groups or surveys, he says. “The line between our customers and our staff continues to blur.”

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