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Manpower opens island in secondlife – July 12th


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It's now possible to meet with recruiters without actually showing up for a job interview.

Some employers are experimenting with Second Life, the online virtual community owned by San Francisco-based Linden Lab, to screen prospective hires.

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We talked about this as a concept durring a KEEB meeting several weeks ago … looks like we were not too far off track with that conversation… I am currently building our "virtual employment office" on Greenbush Island

Rich’s Blog: A few observations on organizational participation, innovation and changing times

Many moons ago (1994 to be exact) I started working on my Masters Degree thesis – "the organizational participation & collaboration process" why, who, and where do employees participate, collaborate, & innovate in the organizational decision making process. Fast forward 13 years and I stumbled (via: []) across this "collaborative technologies conference" [] stating:

Companies that understand Enterprise 2.0 and make it work are rising to the top today. The tools and technologies you use are critical; your culture and processes are equally important.

I can not help but notice the similarities between "quality circles" and the ilk of the mid 90's and the "organizational conversations" going on today. Obviously the Internet and modern technology greatly expand the abilities for teams to collaborate, innovate and access the customer directly. But the themes are very similar… and the evolution has lead us to a great place. The end result though then as it is now, are still the same… "How do organizations continue to improve and innovate?" those are the questions we answer now with advanced technology, the same questions we were asking in 1994. In the words of the "Enterprise 2.0" conference web site

Learn how your business can leverage new tools and technologies, hand in hand with culture and processes, to increase innovation, productivity and agility.

Rich’s Blog: Update: Current Developments in the Greenbush Labs

Our Current Tinkerings:

    Currently in the lab:

  • Greenbush 3D Project – Delivering 3D content to classrom Smartboards (couch's tech 3D theater)
  • GreenbushTV (LIVE & Recorded Ed. Specific Videos !)
  • Greenbush Secondlife
  • GreenbushGrid (EduSim?) (Locally hosted 3D virtual environment)
  • Greenbush WIKI Definitions
  • EduShare (tagging videos for educators !)
  • Twitter as a tool
  • Greenbush Technology Museum
  • Greenbush E-Marketing (Matt's email marketing application)

Rich’s Blog: Specific Class Room Applications for Secondlife

Notes for: Specific Class Room Applications for Secondlife

We are in the process of developing a few specific applications that we can train teachers in for using Secondlife Lessons in Secondlife:


  • Secure the Teen Grid Island
  • Kylie Develop Math Specific Curr.
  • Boore/Denise getting with progressive math teacher
  • Rich/Couch set up teen location & classes
  • Kylie/Rich/Couch brainstom integrating curr. into SL
  • Rich – explore locally hosting a grid (The OpenSim Project) – Edusim?

Rich’s Blog: Greenbush Labs FYI 2008 Goals, Dreams, and Wish’s

Greenbush Labs Goals for FYI 2008 – "Immersion – Interaction – Live Content – Greenbush Everywhere":

  • GreenbushTV – Live streaming Greenbush Content to the World (as it happens as Greenbush from IDL cams)
  • 3D worlds (Secondlife – GB vids seamed into our island – focus on content and Greenbush Events “In-World” – secure and build up Teen Grid Presence)
  • Immersive 3D videos (Glasses? – Other means? – Photosynth?) (immersive smartboard media) []
  • Move Podcast Directory ( to be more interactive (user “rated” and user “Friendly”) content where users determin what is “Featured” of our content (users create their own playlists?).
  • Focus on video ! (and expanding our static content out in the video sharing services – taking a page from the big media producers – all have a viral presence in Youtube/Googlevids).
    Building on FYI 2007 Goals

  • expand on “RSS'ize” delivered content as much we can – world is more mobile – RSS is a mobile light weight format PERFECT for phones, PDA's, and other aggregators (knowing Google has purchased Feedburner makes this one even more a focus).
  • Continue to encourage collaborative blogs and expand Synthesis contributors
  • Continue to re-enforce FYI 2008 goals on my blog

Rich’s Blog: Is Your Company a Cezanne or a Picasso?

I just ran across this – one of my favorite writers and author of the tipping point and blink discusses the two very different types of innovation – the quick Picasso's – and the long and experimental Cezanne …. he has some great insight into the topic here:


More about the subject can be read about here:


where Galenson writes:

Picasso, a conceptual innovator, pretty much knew what he was going to create even before he created it, and came up with new ideas at a rapid pace early in his career. Cezanne, by contrast, was an experimental innovator, slowly rehashing and improving on a particular concept until he nailed it (one needs only to look at his exhaustive studies of Mt. St. Victoire to understand this approach). Consequently, his greatest works–or at least the ones most valued by collectors–didn't come until later in his life.

More great insights can also be found here: