Rich’s Blog: Voice in secondlife and the virtual you

Great article here:


I have posted about the voice and "virtual you" for some time now …. one thing in the article I found AS interesting as voice in Secodlife is this


… Other plans in the works for Second Life include adding the ability to scan users' photos onto their avatars and bringing more realism into the virtual world through detail-oriented design …


"The graphics in Second Life are good, but not perfect," he said. He estimated that in five years the interface will reflect a greater degree of realism. "When you look through a computer screen, everything will look real, like you're looking through window glass."


My $.02 — this is just the beginning — a more real 3D virtual experience — Voice – real graphics – a true virtual experience !

Rich’s Blog: A book worth reading – Collective Intelligence: Mankind’s Emerging World in Cyberspace By Pierre

This looks like a fantastic book – my next read!:



The number of travelers along the information superhighway is increasing at a rate of 10 percent a month. How will this communications revolution affect our culture and society? Pierre Levy shows how the unfettered exchange of ideas in cyberspace has the potential to liberate us from the social and political hierarchies that have stood in the way of mankind's advancement.Anthropologist, historian, sociologist, and philosopher, Levy writes with a depth of scholarship and imaginative insight rare among media critics. At once a profound historical analysis of the development of human culture and a blueprint for the future, Collective Intelligence is a visionary work.


cant wait to read it !

Rich’s Blog: The Virtual Meeting Room – Via

article via business week – []


Over the past year, Intel employees from Singapore, Israel, and the U.S. have convened via high-level computerized conferences, collaborating on such projects as product strategy and information-technology planning. But these are no ordinary online meetings. They've happened in virtual worlds, with three-dimensional graphic characters, or avatars, standing in for actual Intel (INTC) employees, making notes, holding conversations, and solving problems.


Rich’s Blog: Greenbush – The Metaverse – and the Playstation Generation in 10 years?

I could not help but notice the dramatic similarities of this article [] – and some of the conversations we have been having at Greenbush lately —- specifically the comment "What happens when video games meet Web 2.0" — or as we have said – "when the playstation generation grows up" — we have spoken- blogged- and podcasted at length about 3D worlds.

Here a little bit more about our thoughts in episode 47 here:


Its clear something significant is happening .. but in 10 years? — we'll see.

Except from :



The Internet in 2016 will be an all-encompassing digital playground where people will be immersed in an always-on flood of digital information, whether wandering through physical spaces or diving into virtual worlds.


Rich’s Blog: Podcamp Midwest – Free Podcast Training ! July 20-21st KCI Expo Hall in Kansas City

Podcamp Midwest – Free Podcast Training ! July 20-21st KCI Expo Hall in Kansas City

Couch and I went to Kansas City Saturday to help with the planning of the Podcamp Midwest this summer (we are now on the Podcamp Midwest Planning Committee) – many there went to Podcamp New York and were really excited regarding what we could do locally here in Kansas City.

The Podcamp method is basically that the conference is free (kind of the Open Source version of conferences) – its paid entirely by sponsors (like Apple – Real Networks Etc.) — all those in attendance need to do is show up and learn ! — this could be a great opportunity for us to show the podcasting community what we are doin in schools!

The event will be on July 20th and 21st — at the Kansas City Expo Hall by the KCI Airport

Thinking a few things:

1) Let as many teachers know as possible that this is very educational and FREE (but the trainings will be on the 21st all day – a saturday)

2) This might be a good event for KIDS to attend to learn some podcasting techniques (the group got excited when we mentioned that)

Let me know what you think !