Rich’s Blog: The Google 9 Notions of Innovation

A little slide show I put together tonight – its based on the The Google 9 Notions of Innovation

9 notions of innovation

1. Ideas come from everywhere. (Google expects you to innovate.)

2. Share everything you can. (Every idea accessible to everyone.)

3. YouÂ’re brilliant. WeÂ’re hiring. (Google favours intelligence over experience.)

4. License to pursue dreams. (Employees get a ‘free’ day a week to pursue self-set projects.)

5. Innovation, not instant perfection. (Google launches early and often with small beta tests.)

6. Don’t politic, use data. (Use of ‘I like’ discouraged.)

7. Creativity loves restraint. (Give people a vision.)

8. Worry about usage and users, not money. (Provide something simple to use, easy to love. Money will come.)

9. DonÂ’t kill projects, morph them. (ThereÂ’s always a kernel of something good that can be salvaged.)

Rich’s Blog: How many ways can your service reach people?

[A great article from [] ]



The new rule on distribution: It's not how many people visit your site, what counts is how many people you can reach.

This is the lesson of YouTube. Figure out a way to embedded your service in our people's distribution channels. And, for Software as a Service vendors – figure out how to make money while doing it. OK…. maybe YouTube hasn't figured out how to make money. But the writing about distribution is on the wall.

By distribution, I mean new ways to deliver web services within the context of what an end user is actually doing. Here are some practical examples of what that means:

* A blogger who is more likely to write about a video if the blogger can embed the video in their blog.

* An employee who is more likely to use an enterprise 2.0 solution if blogs as Activity Centric Blogs, which are focused on helping that employee get their work done.

* A sales person who finds it useful to be able to access their address book in the context of a sales tool, but also wants to use that same address book on their phone, in their email.

* Anyone trying to leverage their social network outside the barriers on an online social networking service.




My $.02 — Between embeded video, RSS, ICals, and the likes — Almost any knowledge can be shared and made "transportable" for the end user to consume wher/when/as they choose !


Rich’s Blog: Greenbush Videos on Demand via Google Videos!

As you may or may not know … We have been using Google Videos as our "Video on Demand" platform. We now have almost 50 videos up there! We have been uploading them of a year now (next month) so we are averaging about 1 a week …. we plan on cranking it up and getting more relevant content out there in video format so stay tuned.

A little known fact is that you CAN subscribe to RSS feeds via google video … here is the feed for everything tagged "Greenbush Education" for example


So there you go !

Stay tuned for more Greenbush Video on Demand !

Rich’s Blog: Just Blog It ! … so what are you waiting for?

We have now been preaching this "Blog" stuff for well over a year now and we are pleased to say MANY of you are choosing to contribute to the collective IQ ! …. and for those that haven't … what are you waiting for ! … here are some resources to get you going !

We have a VERY simple "baby pool" free blogging account (good for the beginner)


Want More?….. Try


[] or


There you go … Just Blog it !