Creating a RSS rich desktop with Netvibes.. and beyond! ***

There are a few web based RSS aggregators out there but none, in my opinion, that come close to Netvibes. Netvibes takes it a step further in allowing users to create a “Desktop” of their feeds… very sleek, very customizable… but THE most important aspect to Netvibes is that sometime this year (mid 2006) it will open up its API (Application Program Interface) that will allow programmers to pipe re-defined content into, which could revolutionize the way Greenbush manages its knowledge and disseminates it to customers… (A concept I am calling GREENBUSH DESKTOP).. stay tuned!… and check out NETVIBES!

Other less powerful Ajax driven web based RSS Rich Desktops are: (microsofts) (not bad)
and several other also runs.

Also keeping my eye on EyeOS opensource.. uses PHP Ajax …. definately worthing keeping an “Eye” on… give this a year it will be VERY cool.