Lab Project Objective – What and Why Greenbush Labs

What is Knowledge Management?

* Organizational Knowledge management (KM) is the creation, organization, sharing and flow of knowledge in organizations.

* Knowledge Management seeks to make the best use of the knowledge that is available to an organization, creating new knowledge, increasing awareness and understanding in the process.

* Knowledge Management can also be defined as the capturing, organizing, and storing of knowledge and experiences of individual workers and groups within an organization and making this information available to others in the organization.

Why Greenbush Labs?

Greenbush labs was established to serve as a knowledge management tool to facilitate the idea sharing and innovation process accross organizational units.

One advantage to the “blogging” method for organizational knowledge management

(other than storing lab notes and ideas in one common location and its extremely low cost of initiation) is that each “Lab” blog

has a “Real Simple Syndication” (RSS) link which will allow users or participants of multiple

Lab blogs to aggregate all of the user comments and ideas into one RSS feed reader. An RSS

feed reader allows users not only the ability to aggregate feeds, but it also allows users set up

“hot words” and see trends that span across multiple lab projects