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3D Printing – The Next Fronteir

I have blogged about 3D printing for years now and as imagined the price point is just recently coming to the point that your average school can have their very own modern day FabLab ! I have proposed such a lab on the Greenbush campus over the past years, my hope is that some day we […]

Its Taking Awhile …. But were Getting There: Collaborative Technologies in the Classroom

For nearly 12 years now I have had a very deep interest in the possibilities of collaborative web technology in education.  When I started creating these tool of my own 4-5 years ago a few of these technologies seemed  obvious to make their way into the mainstream classroom (eventually o.O), namely open source educational software, […]

GreenbushLabs 3D Immersive Learning & Advanced Visualization

Having designed, developed, and researched immersive learning experience for K-12 students through the GreenbushLabs project over the past 5 years, below are four of the more promising development to come out of our GreenbushLabs 3D Immersive Learning & Advanced Visualization work GreenbushLab Edusim Project (2007) The Edusim application is a slimmed down version of the core Open Cobalt […]

Greenbush Labs Turns 5

5 years ago next month Greenbush Labs was launched. Greenbush Labs was started as a platform for me to log notes, evangelize the knowledge management affordances of the newer (at the time) Web 2.0 technologies, and to “brain dump” innovative educatioanl technologies.  Over the past 5 years it has grown to serve as a broader […]

Current Immersive Education Work & Notes

Current Immersive Education Work & Notes Co-Charing the new Immersive Education Consortiums “Primary/Elementary Immersive Education Technology Work Group” – Working on the Charter with Karen & Wes (The other Co-Chairs) Working with Dr. Rosemary Talab on a study of “self efficacy of middle school students in STEM subjects using 3D virtual worlds” Minor tweaks of […]

The 3D map of everything

Combined with an environment like Opensim … This could be very very useful ! “Every location–indoor and outdoor–in the universe will eventually be mapped, and we’ll have it all online,” Zakhor says in the video. “So without ever going anywhere you can see what everybody’s interior looks like.”