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Greenbush Labs: Duct Tape Robotics Project

The “Duct Tape Robotics” projects originated at the Greenbush Education Service Center to serve as a platform for encouraging kids to use easily accessible everyday resources like duct tape, cardboard, and paperclips coupled with widely available electronics parts like servos, light sensors, LED’s and Arduino boards to create cool and useful robotics projects. Below is […]

The Future of Interactive Surfaces & The Plausible Interactive Copy (Revisited)

Through my work with the Edusim project years ago I had written several pieces regarding the future of interactive surfaces (See the GreenbushLabs “Plausible Interactive Copy” post from 2009 - HERE) and the future of tangible displays. Here is the next evolution of the concept, Its rough but you can see where this is going !

Computers are running our lives

COMPUTERS ARE RUNNING OUR LIVES ….. (AND OUR KIDS SHOULD UNDERSTAND THEM BETTER) Some Facts: At any give time you have on average or 3 devices within 10 feet of you with a computer chip inside it. Computer chips (microcontrollers, micro-chips) are programmed by people, and they contain software to help them make decisions based […]

A Rant on Creating Student “Consumers”

Of everything Ive experienced, read, and seen over my many years of teaching kids to “Create and Share Their Ideas with Technology” I really worry that most kids today will be great consumers but have no idea how any of their day to day technology actually WORKS …. the technology school are embracing more and […]