From the Archives – November 2011 :: The Need for a STEM Gateways Program

Before the Mobile STEM Lab we recognized the need for what we called a “STEM Gateway Program”  (The original post is here –

Another good piece regarding STEM and further fuel for an argument for a deeper “STEM Gateways” project

And the infographic with stats on it:
STEM Shortage

(Dan and I have been stewing over many of these numbers for several years through the Immersive Education work, many of the stats are stunning {O_o})

When Virtual Reality and Education Collide

Perhaps this is the year this jumps the shark !

… All Minecraft

In other areas of education, many classes have used VR tools to collaboratively construct architectural models, recreations of historic or natural sites and other spatial renderings. Instructors also have used VR technology to engage students in topics related to literature, history and economics by offering a deeply immersive sense of place and time, whether historic or evolving.

Smart Glass that Won’t Make You Look Tacky

I managed not to fall prey to the Google Glass Hype … though the functionality seemed interesting the design was just plain horrific and almost painful to look at … but Zeiss give me hope that design is coming into play with the smart glass technology.

Just Glass

There’s plenty to say about wearing Zeiss’s smart glasses, but the most important point—at this stage, maybe the onlypoint—to make is that they feel like glasses. Not clunky glasses, not heavy glasses, not glasses with Coke-bottle lenses or a dorky attachment that telegraphs just how many years in the future you live. They feel like the glasses you wear every day.


Google Focuses On Virtual Reality With New Lead For Cardboard (TechCrunch)

Perhaps THIS is the year VR takes off ?

Google is doubling down on virtual reality, with its VP for product management, Clay Bavor, dropping his responsibilities for other apps like Gmail and Drive to focus solely on Cardboard and VR.
Bavor has been with Google for over 10 years, so trusting this budding unit with him is a massive signal that Google is in it to win on as far as VR goes. Its success with Cardboard, bringing the likes of the NYT into the new medium, is paying off.

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